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by | Nov 20, 2017 | Our Koalas, You Yangs Region


Origin of name:

The day we first met Koala Clancy we were running a charity program for families with very ill children. One of the families had to leave their sick daughter in hospital as she was too ill to come. When Clancy popped his head out of the pouch, and I wondered what to name him, the sick girl’s brother asked to name the joey after his sister. The name was perfect – Clancy of the Overflow is a famous Australian poem.

Known since:

Koala Clancy was first seen when he first emerged from Pat’s pouch in November 2010.

baby Koala Clancy

Koala Clancy as a joey

How often seen:

Clancy is seen quite frequently – in 2016 he was seen on 36 days, but in 2017 he was seen on 81 days.


Clancy’s mother is Pat and his father is probably Anzac. Clancy has two brothers – Pitta and Banjo, both of which have left our research area. Clancy has one son with Ngardang, Wurdi – born 2016; and possibly another with Babarrang , little Burun – born 2017. The new (2018) joeys of KiKi – Lulu – and Ngardang – Bunyip – are almost certainly Clancy’s. 

koala clancy's joey

Koala Clancy’s joey Burun with mother Babarrang


The ex-dominant male of the area, Winberry is Clancy’s closest male neighbour. Not far away live sub-dominant males GulkurguliCruiz and Bungaleenee. Clancy’s female neighbours include Ngardang, Babarrang, Mara, Wemba, Lakorra, Kozo and KiKi.  

Media Appearances:

Koala Clancy appeared on Wild Australia with Ray Mears, UK series 1 episode 3 and in this video with YouTube celebrity Davey Wavey:

Clancy was also filmed giving a trespasser male a gentle warning in this clip:

How do we know all this about Clancy?

Our Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 20 years, using our non-intrusive method of nose pattern identification. Koala Researchers, funded by our tours, find the koalas, take photographs and notes on their behaviour, tree species use, and height in tree.  Wildlife Guides and tour guests also take observations and photographs.  Data from this project is stored and analysed, providing us with up to date information on koala habitat requirements, birth and death rate, population size and makeup. We use this data to inform our “Make a Home for Koala Clancy” Koala Tree Planting Project and Weed Removal, through our not for profit Koala Clancy Foundation.

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