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Spectacled Flying Fox (endangered)

Stay longer - Do more

Take your time.....

“Seeing wildlife successfully is all about taking your time, finding the right location then settling down to enjoy the experience.” says Roger Smith, Echidna Walkabout’s Operations Director.

Echidna Walkabout adds two extra dimensions: our Wildlife Guides save you time by taking you to the best places to see wildlife PLUS you’ll be involved in conserving and protecting wildlife simply by being on the tour.

“This means that you can stay longer and do more, knowing that you are not only enjoying yourself, you’re helping wildlife at the same time!” says Roger.

Below you’ll find a selection of our best multi-day wildlife tours, all carefully researched, all exceptional experiences. (You can link many of these trips together; check out our Across Australia page and ask us to create a Tailor-made itinerary

Conservation Stories

Crocodile eyes are superb: let’s celebrate that

Crocodile eyes are superb: let’s celebrate that

Crocodile eyes are superb: Estuarine Crocodile Kakadu National Park Janine Duffy Estimated reading time: 6 minutes In PART TWO of our story about crocodile eyes we "look into" these superb organs that adjust instantly, in or out of water, by day or night or for near...

Enjoy Kakadu : 5 best tips

Enjoy Kakadu : 5 best tips

Small group taking time to enjoy Kakadu on our Wild Top End tour Roger Smith Estimated reading time: 7 minutes To enjoy Kakadu take your time says Kakadu Guide, Roger Smith. “Rushing Kakadu doesn't work. Spend at least two full weeks in the Top End. Stay a few days in...