FAQ’s & Waiver Form

How do I find out about the prices and book your tours?

The competitive and affordable prices for our tours are listed on the tour pages. You can book direct with us here or through your favourite travel agent.

The prices listed are valid for the dates provided in each tour listing ad are generally valid for a year starting April to the end of March. The prices quoted for our multi-day tours are for twin share accommodation and a single supplement needs to be added to the amount for single accommodation.

Prices for specialised itineraries are provided on request.

In general child rates apply up to and including 13 years of age and infants to 2 years may be FOC depending on the tour. We must be notified of childrens’ ages at the time of booking. Child seats are legally required in Australia for babies/children up to about 26kg (58 pounds). We can arrange child seats if required.

What should I bring on tour?

Comfortable enclosed walking shoes or boots, clothing to suit variable weather conditions [layers], sun hat, rainproof coat, insect repellent, sunblock and 1 litre water bottle.

Baggage limits: we prefer 1 soft sausage-type bag and 1 small carry-on or day pack only per person. Detailed itineraries for longer tours include a suggested packing list.

Most necessary equipment will be supplied. All you need to bring are personal items such as clothes and toiletries and of course your camera and binoculars if you have them.

What environmental policies and practices do you have?

Echidna Walkabout is a leader in wildlife conservation and climate action. Our driving principle is positive conservation – see Our Environmental Practices.

We believe that people protect what they know, and what they love. So we set out to create a style of tourism that not only minimizes negative effects on the environment, but positively creates a sense of wonder, an understanding, a power to change for the better – see our environmental practices for more information.

We were recognised with a prestigious global award for Best for Wildlife Conservation at the World Responsible Tourism Awards in London in November 2014 and have received other awards and acclamation since then.

Who goes on your tours?

We have been joined by people of all ages from babies to above 75 from all over the world. They have had varying levels of fitness. Some are on their first visit to Australia or are frequent visitors who wish to experience something different.

You don’t have to be a wildlife specialist – we find that watching kangaroos, koalas and big flocks of wild birds is interesting to most people.

If you are a wildlife lover, please book! All our guides are well trained and experienced naturalists and will provide information to suit your needs.

What is the weather likely to be?

It’s importat to appreciate that Australia spans across 33 degrees of latitude from the cool temperate regions in the south to the monsoon tropics in the north.

Consequently, as our tours operate in many areas across Australia, it’s difficult to give precise details about weather. 

However as a general rule tours in southern Australia operate in a temperate climate and experience cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. 

Our tours that operate in the sub tropics or tropics experience warm, dry winters and hot, humid summers. We do not operate in these regions in the summer months.

Seasons in Australia are opposite to the northern hemisphere ie. June is winter and December is summer.

Each tour provides further informaiton about climate and weather.

Are meals/food included on my tour?

The itinerary for each tour details what meals are provided. If there is something you can’t eat or don’t like let us know and we’ll work with you to arrange a menu to suit your needs.

Are there insects, bugs, snakes, spiders in the bush and what precautions/treatment is there?

The dangers of wild animals in Australia are vastly over-rated. Unlike in some countries we can walk pretty much whereever we like without danger.

Yes there are bugs, snakes and other animals living in the Australia, but they are unlikely to cause any problems. 

If you are interested in seeing snakes and spiders, we will endeavour to find them, but usually we don’t see them at all. Safety is one of our very high priorities. Our guides and staff are experienced First Aiders.

What bathroom, toilet and showering facilities are there?

Showers and toilets are available on all our tours. Facilities vary from trip to trip. Some trips have full hotel style facilities while others may have more basic facilities.

If you prefer a higher standard of facilities let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Does the travelling vehicle have air conditioning?

Our vehicles are airconditioned, well maintained and comfortable.

Can we do a special tour?

We specialise in creating extended and bespoke widlife tours. We often connect our tours to create longer expereinces that can span across Australia and last from 4 to over 20 days.

Check out these pages for more information: Across Australia, Maximum Wildlife, Coast Mountains Outback.

Also, with a group of 4 or more we can provide you with a quote for a tour tailored to your group’s special interests – eg bird watching, wildflowers, Aboriginal culture, etc.

Where do you pick up from?

Pick up locations and times are provided to you upon booking.

We go out of our way to ensure that you have the best possible experience by arrnaging sensible locations for the first day of your tour.  Wher and how this will happen will be made very clear to you.

Do you pick up from private residences?

Most of our pick ups happen in the towns or airports where we operate.

In general we cannot pick up from private residences but on some occasions this can be arranged so please ask and we’ll see what we can manage

Do you do airport transfers?

In general we do not pick up from airports however in more remote locations an airport pick is included in the tour.

In larger cities like Melbourne and Sydney we can arrange for professional transfer providers to get you from the airport to your accommodaiton or to the start of the tour. These transfers are additional to your tour cost (unless they have been included in your price) 

Drop off points?

We usually return you to your pickup point. If you need to be transferred to the airport we may be able to assist and will charge a transfer fee.

When should I book with you?

We strongly advise you to book your tour well in advance.

Our tours are popular so we recommend you prebook to avoid disappointment. However, it MAY be possible and we would be pleased to hear from you and will try to arrange for you to join us on tour at short notice.

What languages are available on your tours?

Our tours are usually available in English only.  If another language is required for a group we can provide you with a quotation which includes an interpreter.

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