About Koala Anzac

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Our Koalas, You Yangs Region


Origin of name:

Two other male koalas in the area were named Tim Tam and Vegemite – both popular Australian foods. Anzac Biscuits are much loved, and he was first named on Anzac Day.

How long known:

We first met Anzac in 2007. We watched him take over the home ranges of dominant males Vegemite, then Merle* – combining two male ranges into one super territory.  

*Merle appears in this National Geographic video (he is the koala walking on the ground)

Read about how Anzac took over in this post. 

How often seen:

In 2016 Anzac was seen on 102 days, which is quite often.


Anzac probably has many offspring and grand-offspring. With Pat he has Clancy and Banjo, with YuYu he has KiKi and maybe Bobo. We think he is Lluvia’s father too. 


Pat shared a home range with Anzac. CoCo , Misty and Cuddles lived nearby. Zack and Cruiz are the nearest male neighbours, and seem to have split his old home range with Lluvia. 

Media Appearances:

Anzac features in these videos: Koala girl escapes amorous male; Koalas eat many types of Gum-tree (he’s the last one);

Read more about Anzac’s life here.

About Koala Anzac