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by | Nov 30, 2017 | Our Koalas, You Yangs Region


Kozo was funny and curious as a joey like her mother KiKi.  But as an adult she is more reserved.  She is still quite calm with us, but less flamboyant than her mother.

2 year old female koala kozo


Origin of name:

a combination of KiKi and Cruiz. Kozo means “Happy Boy” in Japanese: at first we really thought Kozo was a boy.


Known since:

She first emerged from KiKi’s pouch in September 2017, so she would have been born in March 2017.


How often seen:

Kozo was seen about six times in 2017.  In 2018 she was seen 48 times, and in 2019 she was seen 45 times.

18 month old female wild koala



Kozo’s mother is KiKi, daughter of YuYu. Her father is probably Cruiz. Kozo was KiKi’s first baby. She has three siblings now: sisters LuLu and Lara and brother Mimi ; and an Aunt – CoCo and an Uncle –  Bobo.

Kozo’s first joey – Indi – was born in January 2019.  We think Indi’s father is Mabo, as Kozo was spending a lot of time in his area when Indi was conceived.  Her second joey, male Balyang, was born in 2020 and looks like he is also Mabo’s.

koala mother joey 2020



Now an independent adult female, Kozo’s neighbours are Ngardang, Lakorra, Wemba & joey Waa and males Winberry, Gulkurguli and Mabo.


Survived extreme heat/drought catastrophes:

Kozo has survived the following extreme heat waves and droughts.

2019: 4 January max temp: 46C (she was pregnant at the time)
2019: 25 January max temp: 46C (she had just given birth to Indi, but we didn’t know that at the time)
2019: 20 December max temp: 46C
2019: 30 December max temp: 44C


Media Appearances:

Kozo wasn’t born when this video was taken, but this may have been the first time her father met her mother.

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