Bookings & Cancellations


A lot of pre-tour planning and effort goes into making your small group or private tour special.  We always aim to minimise waste – of food, fuel and all resources – as part of our commitment to improving the planet so that wildlife can continue to be experienced in the wild.

Our company is small, our team are dedicated, passionate professionals, many with over 20 years experience in Wildlife Guiding.  We believe that Wildlife Tourism is a professional industry, and as such, members of that industry deserve reliable working conditions, and a reasonable income.  Guests who travel with us often comment on the Guide’s enthusiasm, that they really love their job, the smooth running of the tour, and the excellent teamwork between Wildlife Guide/s,  Research staff and office staff.  That comes as a result of a happy team, which consistently delivers a very high standard of service and experience to our guests.

Our tours are generally for small groups – usually with a maximum of eight or ten adults.  The small group experience is better for the traveller, for the Guide, for the local community and for the wildlife.  However, it does mean that one cancellation can change a tour a lot.

Please contact us as soon as you can if you need to change or cancel a booked tour – we will always try to re-schedule your tour if we can.

If you must cancel a booking made by your agent (or direct) please note our Booking & Cancellation policy below. Your agent may have other fees or policies too.

EXTENDED TOURS (multi-day)
Includes Wildlife Journey, Mungo Outback Journey, Wild Top End
A deposit is required upon booking your tour.  Generally this is 20% of the tour cost but it may vary.
Final Payment
When you book we will specify a final payment date and amount.
Cancellation policy (this may vary depending on the tour)

  • cancellations made over 45 days before tour start – loss of deposit.
  • cancellations made 44 to 30 days before tour start – loss of 30% of total tour cost.
  • cancellations made 29 to 10 days before tour start – loss of 50% of total tour cost.
  • cancellations made 9 to 0 days before tour start – no refund.

Due to the high demand for this tour and limited accommodation in Exmouth we have special conditions on payments for this tour
A deposit of 10% of the tour cost is required upon booking your tour.  From 120 days out this deposit is non-refundable.

Final Payment & Cancellation fees

  • Final payment is due 90 days prior to tour with a 50% cancellation penalty from then until 31 days prior to the tour.
  • Any cancellations from 30 days prior or during a tour will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

All Group DAY tours:
– cancellations made 29 days to 10 days before tour – loss of 50% of total tour cost
– cancellations made 9 days to 0 hours before tour – no refund.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. We DO NOT sell travel insurance.



Covid-19 on tour.

If you show symptoms OR test positive to Covid-19 whilst on tour you may be required, under local laws, to self  isolate. We will assist you to find a place to do this however we will NOT cover any associated costs.

If you contract Covid-19 during the tour and require medical services we will assist you to do that but once again we will NOT cover the associated costs.

We highly recommend that you bring at least one Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) per person on the tour.

If during the tour Covid-19 causes the tour to be abbreviated or aborted we will NOT refund any tour costs that you have paid nor will we cover any other costs that you may have incurred pre or post tour.

We highly recommend that you have comprehensive travel insurance.


If no Federal or State COVID restrictions are in place our normal cancellation policies will apply (as outlined above)