About Koala Cruiz

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Our Koalas


Origin of name:

At first we mostly saw Cruiz in summer, on days when we were running shore excursions off cruise ships. These days we see him all year round.

male koala You Yangs

Known since:

We first saw Cruiz as a big healthy young male, possibly about 3 years old, in November 2008. He was seen roughly in the area he still calls home.

3 year old male koala

Cruiz in 2008

How often seen:

Cruiz was seen 32 times in 2017, which makes him a semi-frequent sighting.


We think Cruiz fathered KiKi’s daughter Kozo. He certainly tried! We were there to film this mating attempt:

There is little doubt that he has other offspring, we’re just not sure who.


Cruiz shares part of his home range with females Misty, Babarrang, Bermborok and Pat. His rivals are males Bungaleenee, Zack and young male Lluvia. New male Jandamarra is sniffing around his home range too.

Media Appearances:


How do we know all this about Cruiz?

Our Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 20 years, using our non-intrusive method of nose pattern identification. Learn more:


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