Wildlife Journey February 2019

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List of animals seen on 4 day Wildlife Journey safari to East Gippsland, Australia in February 2019

Highlights of Wildlife Journey tour to East Gippsland, Australia, from 10 to 13 February 2019, with Wildlife Guide Martin Maderthaner:

Tawny Frogmouths East Gippsland list of animals

Tawny Frogmouths at Raymond Island, Day 1


Great views of birds, in particular: Tawny Frogmouth, Black-faced Cormorant, Superb Lyrebird, Satin Bowerbird and 11 species of cockatoo and parrot including Musk Lorikeets, Australian King-Parrots and Gang-gang Cockatoos.

Some terrific reptile sightings: Copper-tailed Skink, Yellow-bellied Water Skink, Lowlands Copperhead, Jacky Lizard and Gippsland Water Dragon.

Gippsland Water Dragon

Gippsland Water Dragon near the Snowy River, Day 2


Mammals including: Platypus, Echidna, Bare-nosed Wombat, Common Brushtail, Grey-headed Flying-fox and Australian Fur Seal.

Some lovely invertebrate sightings too: Common Macrotona (Macrotona australis), and Giant Green Slant-face Grasshopper (Acrida conica).

East Gippsland safari list of animals: Common Macrotona

Common Macrotona at Buchan, Day 2


Giant Green Slant-face East Gippsland safari

Giant Green Slantyface near Buchan, Day 2


For full wildlife species checklist for this tour click here.


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