Kangaroo mother and joey playing

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Eastern Grey Kangaroos live in a matriarchal society, where mothers and joeys have a strong bond. Kangaroo females and their daughters have a long-lasting, very close relationship that usually lasts their whole lives.

Wildlife Guide Dan took these beautiful photographs of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo mother and joey, on a Sunset Koalas & Kangaroos tour. Dan and his guests watched many wild kangaroos that day, but this little family were the stars of the show.

Kangaroo female and independent joey looking at camera

This picture shows an Eastern Grey Kangaroo adult female (left & behind) with a large pouch joey, living wild at Serendip Wetlands near Melbourne. The slightly smaller kangaroo in front is her independent* daughter – also an adult female and old enough to have her own joeys, but still living with her mother.

Learn how to guess the age of a pouch joey here. 


Kangaroo female and daughter interacting

Daughter kangaroo taps mother, looking for attention.


Kangaroo mother and daughter playing

Mother reacts, playfully grabbing her daughter with both hands. Play fights and affectionate wrestles are a common occurrence in any mob of wild kangaroos.


Kangaroo mother and daughter feeding together

Unconcerned, daughter commences feeding.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo females eating

Mother kangaroo joins daughter feeding, heads close together. Even the tiny pouch joey seems to be having a nibble. The siblings will have a strong relationship too – some observers suggest that older sisters will act as baby-sitter and playmate to their younger sibling.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo female and joey

Mother and daughter look up, checking for danger in different directions. They are a team, and will be for their whole lives.


Kangaroo mother and daughter Serendip, Victoria

Mother and daughter kangaroos start to relax. Tiny pouch joey is looking around, curious about the world, and completely confident in mum’s safe, warm pouch.

Did you know that kangaroo joeys are toilet trained from birth so the pouch is never soiled?


Kangaroo mother and daughter

All clear, the little kangaroo family are relaxing. Back to the grass.


Our Sunset Koalas & Kangaroos tour is the best way to watch these kangaroo mother and joey interactions, as the mob comes out from under the trees to socialise in the cool evening. Sunset Koalas & Kangaroos tours run every Monday, Thursday & Saturday from 1 November to 28 February each year.  Book early – there’s only 10 participants on each tour.



* independent – its hard to say when a female kangaroo becomes independent, as she never really leaves her mother. By independent I mean no longer suckling, of breeding age, 18 months old or more.

Fact sheet Eastern Grey Kangaroos: http://www.rootourism.com/fsheet23.htm