13 unique kangaroo images: can you help us decide which is best?

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Kangaroo News

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We’ve collected thousands of images of kangaroos over the past 30 years. We’ve poured over them and found 13 unique kangaroo images. Our guests and staff took all of them. But we need your help to decide which is the best image. Find out how to do that at the end of this story…

What is it about kangaroos you like best?

Evolution has spawned a unique suite of kangaroos that have spanned the entirety of mammal variants, from giant carnivores to tiny plant eaters as small and placid as mice. Many of these variations have disappeared as Australia split from South America and Antarctica, moved northwards and dried out.

Their modern relatives live in trees, on the ground, in rainforests and in the deserts of the second driest continent on earth (after Antarctica, where they would have lived millions of years ago).

Kangaroos are unique in the animal kingdom and are uniquely *Australian.

I could spend days telling you what I like best about our unique emblem of Australia.

But this is about you — can you help us decide which of the following images you like best?

Read on or choose now:

* members of the kangaroo family also live in New Guinea which was connected to Australia until the end of the last ice age.

Why are these kangaroo images unique?

  • All the images resulted from an Echidna Walkabout wildlife tour
  • They were all photographed in the wild by our guests, wildlife guides and staff
  • All portray the kangaroo respectfully, often reacting to human presence

Each image has a special meaning for us at Echidna Walkabout so we have given a brief overview under each one with more information under the “show more” tag. You’ll learn a lot about kangaroos and how you can see them.

Some images appear exactly as they were used in blogs and pages on our website simply because we want you to see how we do things. Much of the cropping and digital work was done by our Director of Research, Janine Duffy. You can read her excellent articles about our unique kangaroos here: Macropods (Kangaroos) of Australia

None of the images are to be used without our written permission (see below) They are in no special order.

Unique Kangaroo Images : help us decide which is best

1. Wary

Eastern grey kangaroo

1. Wary: will I go or stay……?

2. Hailstorm

Eastern-grey kangaroos


2. Hailstorm: can you imagine being a kangaroo in this….?

3. Courtship

Red kangaroos, Mungo National Park


3. Courtship: how do you pick the difference between female & male kangaroos….?

4. Motherhood

Eastern-grey kangaroo and joey


4. Motherhood: why do mothers put their heads in the pouch?….

5. Pouch

Eastern-grey kangaroo joey


5. Pouch : why pouches are like drawstring bags……

6. Graceful

Antilopine Kangaroo


6. Graceful : can you imagine a more difficult existence…..?

7. Balance

Eastern-grey kangaroo


7. Balance : how do kangaroos conserve energy….?

8. Chocos

Western-grey kangaroos


8. Chocos : how does a kangaroo get a name like that……?

9. Enigma

Black Wallaroo


9. Enigma : what is a “wallaroo”……?

10. Fog

Western-grey kangaroo

10. Fog : how do kangaroos move so silently……?

11. Track

Antilopine Kangaroo


12. Track : how do you decipher a kangaroo track……

12. Child

Eastern-grey kangaroos


12. Child : do kangaroos recognise children…..?

13. Alone

Western-grey kangaroo


13. Alone : why did she lift her right foot…..?

Now it’s your turn to select your best 3 images

Unique Kangaroo Images distil the essence of the kangaroo

Amateur and professional photographers took these images. Please don’t look for outstanding compositions or perfect images. We think these 13 unique kangaroos images distil the “essence of the kangaroo”.

We hope you’ll help us decide which is the best.

Image Ownership

Echidna Walkabout retains ownership of the photos in trust — they have been kindly given to us to use by our guests or staff. We ask that you respect this trust. You shall not reproduce these images without our permission. Email us at roger@echidnawalkabout.com.au if you would like to use any of these images.

But in the end, these images really belong to the kangaroo family, to a macropod lineage that stretches back over staggering 15 to 20 million years.

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