How to plan your Australian wildlife tour and help nature while you enjoy it

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Tour Planning, Upcoming tours

📷 MUNGO OUTBACK – Pink Cockatoos (pic: Martin Maderthaner, Echidna Walkabout)

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Give back to nature by joining a tour where you will help nature while you enjoy it. Here’s how to begin planning your Australian wildlife tour.

First, start your plan: take a peek at our upcoming wildlife tours

Start planning by clicking on our beautiful infographic below . You’ll find some great upcoming tours where you can help nature and enjoy yourself on a guilt free Australian wildlife tour.

Plan your Australian wildlife tour
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“How can I travel and help nature?”

Many of us have tried to figure out an ethical way to give back to nature whilst traveling.

It’s not easy.

Yes, we need a holiday, a change of scene, but this simple desire can be overshadowed by guilt. What about the CO2 emissions our travel create?

Climate change and extinction stories riddle our media, crushing us and taking away our belief both in humanity and in travel. How can one person make a difference when so many things are going wrong?

But there’s an exciting way out of this depressing cycle. By helping nature while you travel you will make a difference and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!

We call it Conservation Travel. Echidna Walkabout is a recognised leader in mindful travel in Australia. Read how we make things right for wildlife.

Here’s how we help you plan your Australian wildlife tour

We’ve built a travel philosophy that we know works: 5 Ways conservation travel empowers you and helps save animals.

Echidna Walkabout’s aim is to help make your dreams come true. We know you need time, support and knowledgeable advice that helps you figure out:

  • the best places to see wildlife with
  • a meaningful itinerary
  • that suits both your timing
  • and your wildlife interests
  • and fits your budget

Here’s an example of advice we provide travellers: Enjoy Kakadu: 5 best tips

And we know what we’re doing. We’ve been helping folks plan their wildlife travels since 1993 and formed strong friendships with many of them, because we care.

You won’t be rushed. So start a conversation with us now so that we can work together to plan you trip. You’ll see our Plan button on this page — we invite you to use it now to tell us how to make your dreams come true.

For other great wildlife travel ideas contact our partners at Australian Wildlife Journeys and Australian Geographic Travel.

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