Unleash the Power of Conservation Travel: Our 6-Step plan

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Conservation Travel

Unleash the power of conservation travel to protect Wilkins Rock Wallabies Tony Martin

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Conservation Travel helps you unlock your inner desire to care for the planet as you travel. We’re proud to introduce our 6-step framework that ensures that when you travel you are giving back to nature, reducing carbon emissions and helping local communities. All while having a great holiday!

Every action makes a world of difference

In Australia, to travel is to be immersed in unique landscapes, communities built on ancient knowledge, and unforgettable experiences of the natural world.

At heart of these experiences is a story that is shaped by the natural environment and those who live in it.

These stories and experiences generally change our lives for the better; we carry them with us forever. 

But there’s another less romantic travel story that is changing our lives: the negative impact of our experiences have on the environment.

Jane Goodall, famed chimpanzee researcher and conservationist, recognised that we have the power to modify our impact on the planet — and wildlife — when she said:

We’ve recognised that every action we take makes a world of difference to the planet.

That’s why we’ve been working on a plan that unleashes conservation travel and answers an increasing call by travellers to reduce their impact on the planet.

First, the challenges Conservation Travel must overcome

The challenges of climate change and loss of biodiversity are so vast and nuanced that the impact of our travel adventures can feel insurmountable.

In reality, every flight, bus transfer, meal, accommodation, even the steps that we take, impact the ecosystems in the places we visit and, as a result, the global environment.

Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours and Australian Geographic Travel recognise that tourism can exploit natural resources, over-use harmful products, produce waste, and negatively impact communities.

As more people enjoy the wonder of nature in Australia, our environmental impact increases.

This 6 step plan unleashes the power of Conservation Travel

Unleash the Power of Conservation Travel: Our 6-Step plan
Front cover of our plan. To view or download it click on the image

THE PLAN – radical collaboration for a better future

Our plan is built on the belief that we share a joint responsibility: by collaborating we can give back to nature, to people and to places, wherever we travel. (Read the plan here: “Conservation Travel: Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework”)

OUR MISSION – help nature while you enjoy it

To inspire love and care for Australia: our nature, our people, our places

THE SIX PILLARS – positive foundations

  1. Sustainable tourism
  2. Responsible Travel
  3. Action on Climate
  4. Support for Indigenous People
  5. Working with Local Communities
  6. Empowerment through Citizen Science

THE GOALS – future-proofing travel and the planet

With a science-based approach including action-oriented and quantifiable goals, we have the opportunity to rewrite the future of the travel industry and the planet.

Our 4 goals are:

  1. Continue to enact our Climate Action Plan
  2. Collaborate globally with other stakeholders
  3. Increase our Conservation and Citizen Science programs
  4. Keep in touch with our guests

We’re taking actionable steps toward positively impacting the places we visit and those who live there by decarbonising operations, restoring ecosystems, providing cross-cultural exchange, and embracing citizen science.

If collaboratively implemented by travel operators across the world, this framework provides the opportunity to transform the future of the travel industry.

That’s the future we look forward to travelling in.

The evolution of Conservation Travel

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