Choose the BEST kangaroo image : the final cut

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Kangaroo News

Red Kangaroos (female & male) at Mungo National Park (photo: Martin Maderthaner)

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Help us choose the BEST kangaroo image. Last year we asked you to help us decide the best 3 images out of 13 images of kangaroos. You have whittled the images down to 3. Now we need your help to choose the BEST kangaroo photo. Find out how to do that at the end of this story...

Background to our search for the best kangaroo photo.

Last year we selected 13 images of kangaroos and asked you to choose the best 3 images. We hoped we’d be able to give you an answer on your choices by the middle of 2023 but there have been so many entries that we kept the selection process open.

It’s been fascinating going through your selections. We all have different ways of seeing the world and its amazing wildlife.

For instance, this highly evocative image we called “Alone” gained the highest number of individual votes but they were ALL 3rd preferences and had to be divided into three in the cut which put that photo into 4th place.

kangaroo at mungo walls of china

And we thought this “Motherhood” photo would rate highly but it came in second last!

Cute Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey

The featured image at the head of this story was taken after the original survey was compiled. It’s NOT one of the choices for Best photo but it’s a great shot from our Mungo Outback Journey by our senior guide, Martin Maderthaner

The final cut – these were your top 3 choices


The love is in air photo by Michael Williams is a magical piece taken at Mungo National Park into the sun, possibly the most difficult of all photographic angles. But Michael nailed it. (NB. we’ve replaced the original website photo with a crop of the original as the website pic is a little difficult to see on small screens).
Tour: Mungo Outback Journey


Janine Duffy snapped the photo as a big male ‘roo poked his head out from behind a bush. The intense focus of his eyes and ears betrays the fact that he is deciding whether to stay or leave. I love it because it shows the intelligence of kangaroos.
Tour: Wildlife Journey


Finally, there’s no doubt that this is a remarkable photo. Taken many years ago by Echidna Walkabout guest, Jeroen Wolfslag, and kindly given to us, it has stood the test of time. The strength, movement and relaxed power of the kangaroo, moving at full speed, takes your breath away.
Tour: Coast, Mountains, Forest

Now it’s up to you to choose the best kangaroo image

We’ve left the original notes with each image so you can gain a better appreciation of what they all represent.

3 Unique Kangaroo Images : choose which is BEST


Red kangaroos, Mungo National Park

Red Kangaroos male and female Mungo National Park
Red Kangaroos male and female Mungo National Park

Courtship: how do you pick the difference between female & male kangaroos….?


Eastern-grey kangaroo

Eastern grey kangaroo
Eastern grey kangaroo

Wary: will I go or stay……?


Eastern-grey kangaroo

Kangaroo hopping full speed

Balance : how do kangaroos conserve energy….?

select your bEST image here

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13 unique kangaroo images: can you help us decide which is best?

Image Ownership

Echidna Walkabout retains ownership of the photos in trust — they have been kindly given to us to use by our guests or staff. We ask that you respect this trust. You shall not reproduce these images without our permission. Email us at if you would like to use any image.

These images really belong to the kangaroo family, to a macropod lineage that stretches back over a staggering 15 to 20 million years.

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