Wildlife Journey November 2018

by | Jan 19, 2019 | Wildlife Journey checklists

Wild animal highlights of Wildlife Journey 4 day safari tour to bidoversity hotspot East Gippsland, Australia with Wildlife Guide Martin Maderthaner:

Mammal highlights: Platypus, Short-beaked Echidna, Burunnan Dolphin, Humpback Whale Australian Fur Seal, Bush Rat, Common Brushtail, Koala, Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Red-necked Wallaby.

Reptile highlights: Tiger Snake, Black Rock Skink, Copper-tailed Skink, Goanna/Lace Monitor, Eastern Blue-tongue, Gippsland Water Dragon, Delicate Skink and Grass Skink.

Wildlife Journey 4 day safari tour Turquoise Parrot

Turquoise Parrot in flight. Pic by Wildlife Guide Martin

147 species of birds including: Turquoise Parrot, Red-necked Avocet, Common Greenshank, Black-faced Cormorant, Cicadabird, Topknot Pigeon, Pallid Cuckoo, Wedge-tailed Eagle, White-bellied Sea-eagle, Striated Pardalote, Superb Lyrebird and Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo

Wildlife Journey 4 day safari tour pardalote on tree

Striated Pardalote on bark of Forest Red Gum. Pic by Wildlife Guide Martin

For full wildlife species checklist for this tour click here.