Give back to wildlife on a tour : bargain prices for Australians

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Conservation Travel, Tours, Wildlife News

Australians can give back to our endangered wildlife by joining a world class tour — now at special bargain prices

At last Covid’s long haul of lockdowns is coming to an end. On current estimates, by mid November Australians should be able to start travelling again.  Now’s the time to book your get-out-of-lockdown wildlife break!

While we’ve all been in lockdown the wildlife that Echidna Walkabout helps has been missing our support but now we have the opportunity to get out into the wild with our guests and do our bit.

Globally, Wildlife Tourism benefits wildlife and people

Other countries have been feeling the same pressure with wildlife around the globe losing protection and support. As income from wildlife tourism has been lost local communities in some regions have turned from protecting wildlife to more destructive activities to earn a living.

Read about the benefits of wildlife tourism and the costs of Covid here: The coronavirus threat to wildlife tourism and conservation – United Nations Development Programme

Australian wildlife tours protect wildlife and wild places

In Australia wildlife tourism operators and their clients play a vital role in protecting biodiversity and conserving wildlife in the wild by reporting on the status of wildlife, protecting wild places and implementing conservation efforts. An example is Echidna Walkabout’s role with our not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation — as this story gets published we’ve crashed through planting 25,000 trees for koalas during a pandemic.

Watch Janine Duffy, Director at Echidna Walkabout and President of the Koala Clancy Foundation, explain why tree planting is so important:

Join a tour to help endangered wildlife

Aussies have been tremendously supportive of our efforts, both as volunteers and as donors, and as a way of saying thank you we’ve cut our prices by ~10% for Australian Residents for many of our tours.

We urge Australians to take up this offer and travel in Australia to help our wildlife.

You can choose your tour here: Echidna Walkabout Tours . Most tours have a pricing drop-down providing Australian Resident’s 10% off prices. Here’s an example from our very popular Mungo Outback Journey:

Why Conservation Travel?

You can also learn more about how you can give back to wildlife and the environment through conservation travel by following these links:

As we finally break out of lockdowns we’d love you to take a look over our tours and consider travelling with us, especially if you are keen on giving back to wildlife — in the wild.

We’ll show you how to help wildlife — while you enjoy it.

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