Bushfires 2020: What are we doing?

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Conservation Projects, Koala News

Since the fires began, Echidna Walkabout has dedicated many hours to planning, advocacy for koalas and advice to koala groups.  Co-owner Janine Duffy is currently volunteering full time on koala projects.

volunteers helping koalas

Washing tree pots ready for seed sowing, January 7 2020


Our not for profit, Koala Clancy Foundation is fundraising internationally to support koala survival long-term.  Funds will be directed at the area of most need, as identified by Australia’s top koala scientists.  This will be a long-term project.  Projects that will receive funds will likely include:

  • Koala Tree Planting for most at-risk koala populations Australia-wide
  • Koala Tree Planting in northern New South Wales
  • more to be added as scientific advice comes in

Useful information is critical at a time like this, so Echidna Walkabout and Koala Clancy Foundation have produced the following articles. These have been widely shared through the koala conservation community, and many offer advice on which koala charities to support:

What Do Koalas Eat After Bushfire? 

Tree Planting After Bushfire

Koalas & Bushfires: How You Can Help

How Many Trees Does A Koala Need? 

Koalas & Fires 2019/2020: What Can You Do?

Koala Future: Joeys of 2019 

Koala Clancy Foundation has increased the number of events for locals to contribute to seed sowing for future koala trees, and weed removal in koala habitat.  We co-ordinated 50 volunteers who sowed seeds for 4,000 koala trees on January 7.  Koala Conservation Days are booked out until March, even with 3 extra dates added.

events to help koalas after bushfire

Volunteers filling koala tree pots with soil. January 7, 2020


We will update this post as more information can be shared.  Thankyou everyone for your support.

koalas how are we helping

Over 50 volunteers participated in Koala tree Seed Sowing on January 7





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