Island Birds & Humpbacks

Humpback Whale Exmouth Western Australia

Island Birds & Humpbacks

1 to 8 August 2024

8 days helping wild animals in

Ningaloo, Exmouth WA

Swim with Humpbacks, do bird surveys on a rarely-visited island chain in Ningaloo Reef, count endangered rock-wallabies.

Be involved in meaningful conservation in this subtropical wilderness.

Help with wildlife surveys on rarely-visited islands in Ningaloo Reef, swim with Humpback Whales, count endangered rock-wallabies, cruise Exmouth Gulf searching for Dugong.

Ningaloo Reef and the associated Cape Range National Park are part of the 604,500 ha Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. The WHA contains some of the oldest examples of life on earth and is home to big migrations of Humpback Whales, Whalesharks, Manta Rays and many other marine species. Three different species of turtles use the area, some for egg laying on the pristine beaches. The Indian Ocean flanks this whole region, its bright aqua green highlighting the rich reds and ochres of the land.

Cape Range National National Park contains an abundance of wildlife including the rare Black-footed Rock-wallaby, dingoes, Western Bowerbirds and many species of birds of prey. The flora of the region is stunted by aridity but contains an extraordinary variety of unusual plants often hidden deep in the convoluted escarpments and gorges of the Range.

The beauty of the region is in it’s solitude and stunningly beautiful places hidden in the gorges of the Cape Range and in the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. During this un-rushed 8 day journey you will become immersed in this region – both in the sea and on the land. You will help with increasingly important citizen science research and you will enjoy visiting places that most people rarely have the opportunity to see.


Island Birds & Humpbacks 8 days

Prices are Australian Dollars (AUD)
Child rates will be provided on request.
Contact us to discuss your wishes.
Small Groups
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per person
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CURRENCY: Australian dollars (AUD)
VALIDITY: Valid from 1 March 2024 to 31 March 2025.
ACCOMMODATION: Exmouth Escapes Resort
TWIN SHARE: Price includes twin/double share rooming
SINGLE USE ROOMING: add this cost if you do not wish to share with another person

MINIMUM AGE : This tour may not be suitable for children as it involves extended time on boats and swimming in deep water. We recommend a minimum age of 13 preferably with swimming experience.
SMALL GROUPS: Minimum 8 Adults - Maximum ~16

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Inclusions & Accommodation

Tour  Inclusions

Tour includes: Full interpretation by experienced Guides, meals and accommodation as described below, entry fees and on ground transport ex Learmonth Airport (near Exmouth), transport (land and sea).

Snorkelling: All waterborne activities are carried out with great care. Full pre-swim training is provided by expert guides before you begin any snorkelling activities. Swim support crew are always with you while you are swimming in deep water with Whales or Whale Sharks. In-water buoyancy devices are available for support if you become tired during these deep water swims. All equipment for your snorkelling is provided and includes wet suit, goggles, snorkel, fins (flippers). 

Expert Wildlife Guides: Echidna Walkabout’s Wildlife Guides are recognised as some of the best in Australia. Our Wildlife Guide training program ensures that all Guides have an in-depth knowledge of the wildlife and environments you will see. They are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about wildlife – some of them have over 20 years experience working with wild animals, several are volunteer wildlife carers and rescuers and most have travelled extensively throughout Australia and the world.
Many hours of wildlife research work precede the tour to ensure that you see and learn about native wildlife in its natural environment. Guides carry two way radios and mobile phones which link them to other Wildlife Guides and to emergency services. Guest safety is of paramount importance to us.

Notes: Wildlife and natural history notes will be provided to guests at beginning of this tour

Meals on tour: Meals are provided as noted in the itinerary. Dinners are NOT provided and are at your own expense. Lunches will often be on board our boats. Breakfasts are included in your accommodation costs. NB. Vegetarian, gluten-free, pork-free or other food preferences must be provided at the time of booking. We will always do our best to cater for special needs but please keep in mind that we are operating in a very remote environment.

Transport: In comfortable air conditioned vehicle and high quality, fully surveyed ocean going vessels skippered by fully qualified mariners.

Drinking Water: Tap water is completely safe and drinkable and available at the accommodation, and a large storage is carried on board the vehicle each day. We recommend you bring a re-usable water bottle which we can refill during the day. If you don’t like to drink tap water we highly recommend you bring a filter to reduce plastic waste.


Relax without re packing every day!
You will stay at 4.5 star Exmouth Escape Resort which has its own restaurant and pool. Rooms are modern, air conditioned and fully self contained