Group Tours

Kangaroos & Koalas
in The Wild

Tour Code: GTSW – Full Day

Includes Aboriginal Culture & BBQ Bush lunch with beer and wine

The GTSW is a more refined version of our budget GTSX.

Like the GTSX this relaxing full day tour includes our wonderful Kangaroos and Koalas but also includes a genuine Aboriginal Culture experience and a delicious BBQ lunch with wine and beer.

Duration: Full Day educational group tour – 7 hours

Operates: any time of year except 25th & 26th December

Group Size: 9 to 40+

Includes: Naturalist Guide, Aboriginal cultural exchange AND delicious BBQ bush lunch with wine and beer.

Transport: You can supply transport or we can – please see our Echidna Groups rate sheet.


Join the educational group travel experts in Australia for an experience with famous Australian animals. Imagine seeing a mob of kangaroos bounding right past you and seeing wild Koalas in the forest of a National Park! This tour is an informative and dramatic introduction to the unique wildlife of Australia. In the company of an expert wildlife guide you will see mobs of free ranging Eastern-grey kangaroos in a natural bush setting. You will also see and learn about many other Australian animals and birds at Serendip open-range sanctuary on the vast Western Plains near Melbourne.

During a delicious Bush Lunch you will meet and talk to an Aboriginal person and learn about their culture. You’ll also hear the evocative music of the didgeridoo.

After lunch we head to a nearby national park to see Koalas in the wild. Your nature guide will share the knowledge of these wonderful pouched animals with you. Our Koala Research Project ensures we regularly have multiple sightings of these shy creatures in the wild.
At the end of the day the tour returns to Melbourne.

Note: Depending on weather, season and tour timing the wildlife experiences on this tour may be reversed so that we see the koalas first and kangaroos after lunch

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GTSXKangaroos & Koalas – full day with standard picnic lunch
Suggestion: for groups with lower budgets who want a great day out in the bush
GTKK Kangaroos and Koalas – half day (am or pm)
Suggestion: for groups with limited time
GTS Sunset dinner – Kangaroos and Koalas – pm/evening, Aboriginal Culture, 3 coursebush dinner with wine and beer.
Suggestion: great alternative to dinner in the city at end or start of Australia-wide touring.
GTGOR See the Great Ocean Road in 2 days including Kangaroos and Koalas in the Wild, accommodation and meals.
Suggestion: for groups who like to relax and enjoy their touring.